POV: Tree on Road

Listen to this track while you read these thoughts of a sensitive bud trimmer, mesmerized by his machine..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JibZCdoFAgI

It was the Friday morning before the big day . She was supposed to come at 9:30. She didn’t show up. The tree grew anxious when it was 9:40 and she had still not made it. She couldn’t be reached over email. Was she alright? Was it an emergency? As time passed, the tree grew more anxious and began to weep. The leaves, the sign of life departed from the tree. The tree went on weeping until the entire ground was wet. Fortunately for the tree, she responded to an email half an hour later. She was alright. She had just slept in. Perhaps she stayed up the night before to get some work done. The tree calmed down. It would spring back to life now that she was alright.

A sensitive human observer witnessed the tree’s ordeal. He memorialized the occasion by writing down the experience of the tree of compassion. In the next few days, it so happened that his own connection with her got disrupted because of bad weather. This time around, the tree could feel his pain.

Here he is, sharing his own ordeal and that of the tree, hoping not for any rewards or returns, but to rescue the genuine human connection he once experienced with her. Hopefully she notices the tree’s compassion and the sensitivity of the human observer, for the two cannot afford to lose faith in the genuineness and beauty of human beings.

The railroad has its bends…

trees- railroad

Hell or High Water

This is a competitive world. Analogues to a zero-sum game at the poker table.

Nothing will hit harder than life, including your business life. It’s about being able to sustain the pain as long as possible. A company, now known as the UFC – yes, the ultimate fighting champion. The owners of the company tried to sustain it with their cash flow for over 7 years trying to make it a success. However, after 7 years, and shredding nearly 7 million dollars + 2 million for purchasing the company from is previous founders the owner had taken enough of a beat down. He was about to quit, and Dana White with him too. Next morning, he literally had almost no rationale to go with the decision that he went with.

He just came back to Dana White and said, “F*** it! We will do whatever it takes to make this thing work! Come hell or high water! We are doing this thing and he ran into the amorphous battlefield with sheer determination. That is what it takes to make it work in the real world.

Everything comes and goes..

Good times, tough times. Nothing hits harder in life than life itself and you have to be able to take it. Otherwise the pain remains permanently. Yes you heard it right. For quitters the pain lasts forever. The pain of not being able to do something that you really wanted to accomplish. Of course you can’t always win. The railroads know that. They see how often a supply from a company comes and goes until it fizzles away..